How to Become an SEO Expert This Tips You Can Start Practicing

INFORGadget - Currently, career prospects in the digital marketing field are increasingly diverse, one of which is in the realm of SEO . Not surprisingly, many marketers and writers want to know how to become an  SEO expert .

Search engine optimization , or SEO , is a way to get your website on the first page of Google search results. Given that there is so much content out there, the competition to get to the first page of Google is also getting tougher.

That's why, an SEO expert is needed to create a strategy and know the gaps that can be entered so that the website 's performance remains good. 
For those of you who want to become an SEO expert and reliable, come here, Glints leaks some ways that you can imitate to become an SEO expert.

1. Understand the basics of SEO

To become an expert in any field, including SEO, you definitely have to master the basic knowledge.  Search Engine Journal says there are 3 basic components you need to master to become an SEO expert, namely:

the type of content required and expected by the user, is called a user intent
how search engines work
tools , techniques, and strategies for optimizing websites  and their content

2. Create your own website , especially WordPress
Before actually getting into the professional industry, it never hurts to try out your own website first.

Having your own website will make you free to try and experiment without fear of harming others. A CMS that you can try to practice is WordPress. Not only because it's easier, WordPress is also used by almost one third of websites worldwide and is known to be SEO friendly . This is one of the advantages of WordPress .

Start from a simple blog , choose the topic you want to discuss so that compiling content becomes easier. However, practicing SEO is the best way to become an expert .

3. Understand how search engines work

The main purpose of SEO is to display your website content on the first page of search engines or search results, especially Google. According to Moz , there are 3 main things that search engines do , namely:

Crawling : surfing the internet to see the content or code of any URL found.
Indexing : storing and classifying content found during crawling . When a page is indexed, this page will appear if someone does a search with related keywords.
Ranking : sorting the content that gives the best answer to a question.

4. Understand SEO strategy
Launching HubSpot , an SEO expert must understand the basic strategies as a way to make a website page  rank number 1 on Google. Keyword research : determine the most searched keywords (with the help of tools ) to create relevant content.
On-page SEO : this means providing relevant content and according to what users are looking for (from keyword research results ). The better, the greater your chance to penetrate the first page of Google. Technical SEO : various technical things that make a website easier to crawl and index, such as a sitemap or an error number of links.

Link building : the number and quality of websites that lead someone to your website is also one of the factors that makes Google choose you to appear on its first page, or what is called a backlink strategy . In addition, the speed of the website and how your site looks on the mobile version also determines  your ranking .

5. Understand how Google rates content

Understanding how Google works is not enough to make you an SEO expert . You also have to know how search engines rate content until it finally places it on the first page. This assessment is known as the EAT, namely:

A authoritativeness

That is, these three things aim to ensure that you create content with valid information and not hoaxes . That way, the pages that Google recommends are also of high quality.

6. Learn useful tools
An SEO expert generally also needs to know various kinds of SEO tools to improve the quality and performance of the website . Two tools that must be mastered by SEO experts are Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Google Analytics is used to see how well a website is performing . Meanwhile, Google Search Console is useful for finding out the content that needs to be optimized. In addition, you can also master several other tools , such as Screaming Frog , Ahrefs , or SEM Rush .

7. Check SERP

Google will display a page that contains links based on the keywords you entered and searched for. Well, that page is called the SERP or search engine results page . Checking the SERPs for the keywords you are targeting can help you analyze who is on the first page.

You can also research why other sites can be chosen by Google to occupy the first page. How do they create the content? This information can also be a provision for you in optimizing and creating SEO friendly content .

8. Always update knowledge
Google often performs updates on the performance of its search engine . That's why, you also can't miss the latest information.

The way to become an SEO expert who is always updated is to continue to follow Google's developments. You can get it from various sources, such as a community of SEO  experts  and specialists , certain readings or news, to expand connections with other SEO experts .

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