9 Ways to Choose Domain Name To Maximize SEO Traffic And Branding Your Website

INFORGADGET - Well guys, as we all know that this one thing seems to be the main pillar when choosing a domain name. Often advertisers forget the importance of keywords or keywords that match the content of the website to help them get customers.

Creating and obtaining keywords that match the content of the website is crucial because if the keywords you use are not right, then the SEO process at work will not be optimal.

This is so that website visitors don't get the wrong idea or are disappointed with the content that doesn't match what they're looking for. Your website will also get a bad rating because of this. For example, if you want to create a website to sell shoes, a good domain name must contain elements that match the website content.

Of course you don't want your SEO traffic to be stuck and that's all? So make sure the keywords you use are right. 

Keyword Placement Is In The First Word Of The Domain
Make sure the keyword is located in the first word of the domain that you create. If the domain name starts with the target keyword, then of course it will be far superior to other websites whose domain name does not start with the target keyword.

In other words, visitors will find it easier to remember your website than other websites because the domain you use already includes keywords in the first word. Mimin himself feels that it's easy for you guys to remember.

Choose a Short and Unique Name
Well, this is the most fun! in making a domain name, make sure the domain name you have is unique and also short so that it is easier for visitors to remember.

If the domain name is used that is difficult to remember, spell or type, it will make it difficult for visitors and tend not to stick in the hearts of visitors.

But remember the first point, guys, the name used must remain relevant and in accordance with the keywords with the content on a website. Do not stray and offend many groups.

Duration of Domain Validity
Well guys, do you know that basically a domain with a long validity period will be much more valuable. Why did it happen? Because if the domain has good value and quality, then the validity period of a domain will last a long time or will be used for a long period of time.

Avoid Punctuation and Numbers for Domain Names
Maybe this one method doesn't look too important, guys, but why should you avoid punctuation and numbers? Remember the third point earlier? Where you have to make sure your domain name is short and unique and still contains keywords that match your business or website.

Well apparently there is also one way to increase SEO traffic, which is to avoid hyphens and numbers, this will make it difficult for your website visitors to memorize you guys.

Just imagine if Facebook has a hyphen (Face-book), if you want to recommend this site to your friends, "Try it, look for the Facebook site, but use a hyphen in the middle," Well, it's really complicated, isn't it? People tend to avoid and are lazy to type the domain name you have.

So, make sure to avoid punctuation and numbers, especially when there are a lot of them. This will make visitors dislike and tend to choose another website. If that's the case, what will be harmed is your own website because your website's SEO traffic won't go up.

Domain History
The history of the domain owner himself is also included in the umpteenth important pillar of a domain name that can increase SEO traffic, you know.

Obviously, domains that have a history of changing owners or names too often, also if they have expired will automatically indicate that Google has deleted the domain in the index data.

Extensions are one of the supporting factors for the success of your website. By far the .COM Domain is the most popular and widely distributed extension on the internet. Actually there are several reasons why this .COM extension is important in achieving high SEO traffic, but the most important is for users.

Although there are thousands of TLDs ( Top Level Domains) to choose from, .COM domains are still the most trusted. Many internet users are still not aware that other TLDs exist and may be hesitant to click on them.

Domain Age
If the domain you have is old enough, it will be a little difficult to trace. This means that the older domain age will affect the ease of domain search.

Domain Spammer
Domains banned or penalized by Google for spam. If someone is proven to be a spammer, then the domain owned by that person is likely to be penalized.

Choose the Right Hosting and Domain Service Provider
Currently, there are many hosting and domain providers that you can choose from. It's just that in this case you also need to choose a hosting and domain service provider who already has a lot of experience in sales and service, also already has many good reviews on the internet.

Why does it need to be confirmed? Because these hosting and domain service providers can also provide input on what kind of domain suits your wishes and the needs of your website.

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